Vi räknar ner till Sabaton Open Air – Rockstad: Falun! Chainwreck står näst på tur att visa upp sig!

Nu är det inte långt kvar och räknar ner tillsammans med er!

Inför Sabaton Open Air kommer under några dagar att ta pulsen på alla band som förväntas stå på scen mellan 15-17 augusti. Vilka låtar kommer vi att få höra, har de några festivalminnen och framförallt; vad kan vi förvänta oss? 

Chainwreck bjuder på ett underhållande festivalminne som ett led i att lära känna bandet lite mer . Som vanligt är det lika spännande och se vem som dyker upp i morgon, who knows. Tills dess – mycket nöje!’

What kind of rock/metal do you play?
– It’s kinda hard to pin it down to just one genre, since we have elements from both death- and thrash metal, as well as hardcore. But a pretty fair description could be Groove metal. Every song of ours need to have that big beat and rumbling attitude.

What´s your expectations on performing at Sabaton Open Air – Rockstad Falun?
– Sweaty mayhem under a hot sun, cold beer and most of all – a chaotic audience during our gig.

How would you describe yourselves as a live act?
–  Extremely intense and furious. Very confontational with every emotion and physical expression drawn to an absolute maximum.

What songs can the audience expect to hear?
– We’ll try to squeeze in seven songs for our half an hour-set, and it will include new stuff like ”Big Drop” from our latest Ep ”Fire, as well as older meatslaps as ”A season of hates perfection”. This time around, we’ll skip the dynamics and just go for your throats from the very first second.

Top festival memory?
– Probably not the most funny one – but certainly the most memorable – must be at Celle Rock City in Hannover, Germany, 2007. Due to some disturbance in the schedule, we didn’t really know when to hit the stage. Therefore we spent the day drinking a lot and just hanging around. When we finally took the stage, it was 03.50 in the morning! Exhausted, a little drunk but still very excited, we started off with ”Black is the path of dying”.
– Sonny gave voice to the songs first long scream, but halfway through it he fainted and just passed out on the stage, smashing his face against an amplifier and ended up with a pretty nasty bleeding from both nose and mouth. But after a couple of minutes the fog had cleared and we once again played the aforementioned song and then finished our set in front of 500 very enthusiastic metalheads. A great night, after all.