Vill du veta mer om banden på Sabaton Open Air? I dag står Ensiferum för uppmärksamheten!

Inför den annalkande festivalen kommer under några dagar att ta pulsen på alla band som förväntas stå på scen mellan 15-17 augusti. Vilka låtar kommer vi att få höra, har de några festivalminnen och framförallt; vad kan vi förvänta oss? 

Sami Hinkka från Ensiferum hörde av sig och svarade på några frågor om vad vi kan se från dem under showen! Som vanligt är det lika spännande och se vem som dyker upp i morgon, who knows. Tills dess – mycket nöje!

What kind of rock/metal do you play?
– I think the best description for Ensiferum’s music is Heroic Folk Metal.

What´s your expectations on performing at Sabaton Open Air – Rockstad Falun?
– We haven’t played in Sweden that often but every show there have been really great and of course it´s a privilege to play at a such good festival so the expectations are high.

How would you describe yourselves as a live act?
– Ensiferum is definitely a live band, we love to play live and that’s the reason why we play over hundred shows around the world every year. No matter where we go, our fans seem to be extremely crazy (in a good way, heh) and really having a good time singing along, drinking beer, crowd surfing and going nuts. This all gives us also an extra boost on stage.

What songs can the audience expect to hear?
– We want to include songs from each album to every show plus we always try to check out what we played in each country/city last time we were there. But like I said we haven’t played in Sweden that many times so we can choose pretty much all the hit songs but of course there will be some surprises for hard core fans who have already seen us before.

Top festival memory?
– Oh, there are countless good memories from festivals and hopefully many more to come but one of the best memories I have from Wacken 2008: We had a pretty early slot and it had been raining really hard for the whole morning and when we did the line check it was still raining and we were thinking that no one will show up because of the rain (and everyone were still sleeping their hangover away in the camping area).
– But like 5 minutes before our intro started the rain stopped and when we got on stage there were so many people that you couldn’t see the end of it. They were loud, crazy and full of good festival spirit (I think there is some good material in internet from that show). I don’t think I will ever forget that gig. Let’s see, maybe the show in Falun will top that one, so give us all you got!