Vill du veta mer om banden på Sabaton Open Air? I dag tar Revoked plats i frågestolen!

Inför den annalkande festivalen kommer under några dagar att ta pulsen på alla band som förväntas stå på scen mellan 15-17 augusti. Vilka låtar kommer vi att få höra, har de några festivalminnen och framförallt; vad kan vi förvänta oss? 

Näst i ordningen är det Revoked som får komma till tals. Som vanligt är det lika spännande och se vem som dyker upp i morgon. Tills dess – mycket nöje!

What kind of rock/metal do you play?
– Post – Hardcore with some pop influences. Our music consist a mix of female vocals and screaming, impactful choruses and heavy breakdowns..

What´s your expectations on performing at Sabaton Open Air – Rockstad Falun?
– We’re really looking forward to play at sabaton Open Air – Rockstad Falun, Its a big opportunity for us because we are a local band and it gives us a chance to perform for a bigger crowd and we´re gonna give it our best.

How would you describe yourselves as a live act?
– We love to play live!  We´re all about feeling  and we make shure to use up all the space when we´re on stage.

What songs can the audience expect to hear?
– We are going to play some songs from our upcoming debut-album, ”Drowning Out the World”. We have not decided exactly what songs to play yet, but ”Hard To Breathe” (thats gonna be our first single) is a shure thing.

Top festival memory?
– A couple of years ago we played at Sweden Rock Festival, that was such an amazing gig. We played in a huge tent that was filled with peoples that knew our songs! You will always remember the first time the crowd sing back to you!