Vill du veta mer om banden på Sabaton Open Air? Ny vecka och Axxis tar till orda!

Nedräkningen fortsätter!

Inför den annalkande festivalen kommer under några dagar att ta pulsen på alla band som förväntas stå på scen mellan 15-17 augusti. Vilka låtar kommer vi att få höra, har de några festivalminnen och framförallt; vad kan vi förvänta oss? 

Sångaren Bernhard Weiß från tyska Axxis är först att ta till orda denna sommarvecka! Som vanligt är det lika spännande och se vem som dyker upp i morgon. Tills dess – mycket nöje!

What kind of rock/metal do you play?
– Good question. Personally I was influenced by Yes, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Marillion, Heart, Johnny Cash, Judas Priest, The Hooters, Deep Purple and maybe you can hear this strange mixture in our music as well.
So let’s say, something in between rock, hard rock, melodic rock , power metal, heavy metal, blues rock… but it has to be melodic. I ‘d hate to sing only one note the whole time through. But all in all I would say, we’re just a rock band trying out some different styles –  sometimes.

What´s your expectations on performing at Sabaton Open Air – Rockstad Falun?
– This year we’re constantly concentrating on our new album for 2014…and because of sitting in the studio every day we’re really hungry/eager/hot to go on stage in Falun! So, thanx for the invitation! Maybe this gig will influence the album a bit…we’ll see. Hope the flights will be in time and we’ll have the possibility to watch some other bands like Magnum, Sabaton…a really cool slot!

How would you describe yourselves as a live act?
– Powerful, face to face with the people. We’re growing up in a very lively scene in Germany and “live acting” is still our life. For us there’s only one philosophy: give everything and be authentic! Then it will work without a fancy light show or special effects, in front of 50 000 people or only 2 (we did both already) in a small club or living room or on a huge stage… it doesn’t matter!

What songs can the audience expect to hear?
– We’ll decide the setlist during the flight to Falun…but I can say it will be a mixture from 24 years of Axxis (in 45 minutes!) and we want to play some other songs compared to Sweden Rock… I hope  that’ll work out! But if some people want to give us their favorites songs before the show, maybe we can add them to the setlist. Just write to!

Top festival memory?
– Puh…a lot! And every festival has it’s own spirit. Hard to say. There are so many unforgettable memories. Germany’s “Rock am Ring” or Wacken or Metalway , Bang your head,  Masters of Rock… And this year’s Sweden Rock for the first time and now FALUN! What else does a rock musician need?