Vill du veta mer om banden på Sabaton Open Air? Vi kör vidare och idag ger vi er Moonspell!

Nedräkningen fortsätter!

Inför den annalkande festivalen kommer under några dagar att ta pulsen på alla band som förväntas stå på scen mellan 15-17 augusti. Vilka låtar kommer vi att få höra, har de några festivalminnen och framförallt; vad kan vi förvänta oss? 

Fernando från Moonspell berättar för om sin show! Som vanligt är det lika spännande och se vem som dyker upp i morgon, who knows. Tills dess – mycket nöje!

What kind of rock/metal do you play?
– Hard to tell. I believe that dark/gothic metal suits us the best.

What´s your expectations on performing at Sabaton Open Air – Rockstad Falun?
– It is very rare nowadays for Moonspell to play in Sweden so we look at this festival as a chance to meet again with our Swedish fans, say hi and put out a great show to put them under our spell and up to date with the band and our music.

How would you describe yourselves as a live act?
– We put passion in what we do and the stage is the perfect altar to perform a rite of strong emotions and visuality. We look forward to be powerful, vibrant and emotional but the crowd are always our best judges.

What songs can the audience expect to hear?
– Songs from our latest Alpha Noir and of course plenty of travels into the past. Alma Mater, Vampiria, Opium are the foundations of our setlist but there is room for surprises and different leaps between records.

Top festival memory?
Dynamo Festival, Holland around 1997, one of the first festivals we did with the Irreligious album. The atmosphere was great and there were 60.000 people watching. Type O Negative and Tiamat closed the night with a great show and we ended up out night surrounded by beautiful Dutch friends.